Enterprise Server

Secure backup for Your company

ONbackup Enterprise Server Those who need full security for the backup of company data want to minimize user interaction as much as possible. With the ONbackup Enterprise Suite, administrators can retain full control over the backups of all devices. Internationally recognized encryption standard If desired, the client is invisible to the user and takes care of the data transfers to the server autonomously, as soon as a suitable connection exists between them. For this, ONbackup Enterprise utilizes the highly efficient block level data synchronization and internationally recognized encryption standards. The data restore can be performed centrally by the administrator as well as independently by the user (if he or she has the appropriate privileges). Simple administration The ONbackup Enterprise Suite is extremely simple to administrate so that it will cost the administrators hardly any time. The ONbackup Enterprise Client has been kept so simple that, if desired, not even a local installation of the software is necessary. Alternatively, however, the client can also be installed as manually operable software or be implemented as an invisible service, so that all implementation scenarios are covered.